We design special, unique and intense jerseys, crochet in an innovative and sophisticated manner because we have been experts in crochet for a lifetime and knitting is always on our mind and in our hearts!

We even dream about our jerseys …’s true!

Alieta’s jerseys return after 8 years of silence, but in our hearts we have never stopped designing them!

Our team selects only modern and specific technical yarns, created after many experiments, to give you the most marvellous sensation when you touch them. 

We believe in the beauty of the refined and meticulous work of our master knitters.

Their careful and precious work, consists of their hands weaving many coloured threads, counting thousands of stitches and this is always done with great care and talent!

We make “exquisite and glamorous”  jerseys , crocheting them in your lap for hours and entire days! By placing an order, our jerseys will be made specially for you and you will be able to feel all this poetic attention comfortably on your skin! 

We are also on a mission on the behalf of crochet…

Crochet has evolved and is back in fashion! Whoever designs it, does it with a new and avant-garde look. We want to spread a new vision of this ancient technique and all its different varieties in Art, Design and Architecture.

Long live crochet!